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We sincerely want to bring encouragement and hope into your life.  Your story matters.  YOU matter.

What is A Magnetic WoMAN?

She is so much more than the sum of her parts.    

SHE is…. 

#1 TRUE:  Honest, Real.

#2 HUMAN:  Compassionate for humanity, Feels deeply. Knows she is prone to errors.

#3 ALIVE:  Energized by life and purpose. A Planner, Completer. Listener. Worker.

#4 NATURAL CAREGIVER:  Generous, thoughtful, seeks to meet the needs of others.

#5 KIND & AWARE:  Sensitive and attentive in her conversations

#6 FUN:  Plans and executes Celebrations of all types.  Finds humor in unusual events.


#8 LOVED:  Adored by her Creator. Draws people to herself. Displays confident humility.

The first letter of each of these traits sums up her heart.


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