Fawn deer an Wolf Creek, OR forest

Beauty seems as mysterious as love. Here one day gone the next.

There are potions and creams galore and I have seen the benefits. Unlike myself who has been very undisciplined about skin care, those who have persevered since their 20’s still have beautiful skin at 70.

It is wise to consider how we look, how we present to others. Our body language and presentation tell a lot of our story. In my twenties I would work tirelessly on my hair, spending hours daily. My clothing choices were bad, not immodest, just out of style and ugly. Make-up, skin care and exercise were non-starters. Sophistication was beyond me. Thru the years I’ve learned my own style, tried different things, made better choices. I’m still learning and growing.

Before I get into what is beauty, I want you to know it is a good thing to be well groomed. It may mean different things in LA vs southern Idaho. I do not negate outward appearance. How we dress, use personal hygiene, our apparel, hairstyles and even body piercings and tattoos all speak loudly of our personal beliefs. In fact our self-esteem is worn on the outside.

Are you withdrawn, timid and don’t want to be seen? Or on the other hand, do you spend all your time deciding on outfits, accessories, shoes, makeup, hair and jewelry. Is your story ” LOOK at at me, I’m great. I’ve got it all together.” Unfortunately sometimes that makes you unapproachable or unknowable. The exact opposite of what you really need. No one has it “all” together. So instead God gives us a different perspective:

“Let your true beauty come from your inner personality, not a focus on the external. For lasting beauty comes from a gentle and peaceful spirit, which is precious in God’s sight and is much more important than the outward adornment of elaborate hair, jewelry, and fine clothes”. I Peter 3:3-4-6

Wow, that spoke to me. I am not always gentle or peaceable, just ask my husband! I want that inward beauty!

Women and men share one need. It is the same for all humanity. To be valued. To be loved. You might say to be cherished, valued, adored AND Beautiful to someone. So the question becomes where does that value and love come from? Is it based in our beautiful skin and nice clothes? What if you were in a car accident, horribly disfigured, would that make you worth less, unlovable? Is there more to us than the tip of the iceberg, the outward persona.

Do skin or clothes define our beauty? NO.

I can’t answer for you what is beauty. Personally, I believe you can see it in the eyes. Old eyes, young eyes can glow with love. In the Love book of the Bible, King Solomon was struck by her incredible beauty as he looked into her eyes, FIRST. “How beautiful you are my darling! Oh how beautiful! Your EYES are like doves.” Song of Songs 4:1 The King Looked at her Eyes First and called her Beautiful. (Apparently dove eyes were a good thing 1,000 years ago).

You were created to SHINE with beauty, first breath to last. Sure we polish our noses and fuss with our hair, but the inward beauty of the heart comes from the light of the Spirit of God.

The beauty of Gods unchanging, everlasting love for us flows thru the heart of His Son. We reflect the Beauty of the ETERNAL GODHEAD. Like the velveteen rabbit we become “real, valued and beautiful” when we embrace and are embraced by the love God has reserved and prepared for those who BELIEVE IN THE LORD JESUS CHRIST. It is an incredible and humbling experience to realize you really are lovable and beautiful and valued beyond belief …best decision this child ever made was, and is to follow Jesus.

“Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and Thou Shall be saved and Thy House!” Acts 16:31