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Where do you Find Truth?

Artificial Intelligence is just that, artificial. It is only as authentic as as the original programing. They have taken AI to the point of “thinking for itself” but again this is so limited compared with the human creation. Foundationaly, mankind … Read More


Wow is it hard to keep from judging others. We hold a pretty high bar for others to maintain. But oops, they are human just like us. It would go a long way toward world peace if we’d just Stop … Read More


Campfire Comfort One of our favorite things to do in summer is camp. Besides the food, the best thing is the campfire. It’s mesmerizing to stare into the yellow and blue dancing flames. You feel the warmth and hear, and … Read More

Come as a Child

GOD hates for children to be abused. He hates the results. Father, is looking for you now! Come to Him as a little child. Come in amazement, acceptance and respect. Come as you are. Children aren’t concerned by their looks, … Read More

Best Life

New life is blind A new kitten spends 2 weeks after birth blind. Their eyes won’t open. They are safe and satisfied because momma stays near. During this tender time of orientation, they are vulnerable. They let out piercing squeals … Read More

Watch the World

Technology There was a world not that long ago where technology did not control our every move. I remember at my grandmas house loading the coal stove in the basement at 6 am with my Aunt Minah. It was Freezing. … Read More

Resort to Reason

Do you think rationally? Really? How do you know? Do you trust your parents or caregivers to have given you sound advice? Or maybe you trust your peers to have it all together. Maybe you are in process of “finding … Read More


Best tip Ever: “Brighten the corner where you are!” I have to admit I’ve spent time watching murder mysteries, true crime. The problem is that people are selfish. That’s what causes 100% of all murders. Someone stands to profit by … Read More

Let the Light Shine In

Imagine for a moment life with NO light. Light has a feeling. It is warm. It heats up plants and soils, the earth emits aromas because of the suns great power. Even when your eyes are closed you are aware of … Read More

Why Stay Alive? Ask a Bot

With the onset of ChatGPT, AI has hurled itself into the spot light. ARTIFICIAL intelligence. What’s missing from AI? A soul. A Spirit. A reason for being. The breath of Life. A comprehension of Love. Because I was born mid … Read More