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Where do you Find Truth?

Artificial Intelligence is just that, artificial. It is only as authentic as as the original programing. They have taken AI to the point of “thinking for itself” but again this is so limited compared with the human creation. Foundationaly, mankind … Read More

Resort to Reason

Do you think rationally? Really? How do you know? Do you trust your parents or caregivers to have given you sound advice? Or maybe you trust your peers to have it all together. Maybe you are in process of “finding … Read More

Food = Medicine

“Come and Dine” John 21:12 You could say eating is a habit, A very necessary habit. Oddly modern science has just discovered they can use “food” to treat certain conditions. Things like depression, diabetes, cancers, auto immune and scores of … Read More

Who Knows Why?

If we start with a basic fact: “we don’t know one 10th of one percent of anything”, then we are on good footing.  Basically mankind is a very simple being.  I could say womankind if it makes you feel better. … Read More

Genesis of Thought

What little quip or saying brings you back to common sense?I’ll go first: 1. “you don’t know 1/10th of one percent of anything” 2. Referring to God: He loves each one as if they are the only one or maybe … Read More