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Multiple Daisey’s standing tall and looking beautiful.
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Snow covered bush and walking path in Oregon.

Hello YOU!  Since this will be a weekly Saturday Post, I sincerely hope you will email me: with pertinent current events, info, topics, references, questions and/or just girl talk if you want!  We are here to Serve- Jesus, Others and You (spells Joy)

Today you need to make a list of medical supplies you can purchase now.  The easy ones you probably already have: bandaids (get more, all sizes including slings, tourniquet etc.), aloe gel (preferably buy a plant or get a pup from a friend, easy to grow with multiple health benefits [the public library is a great free resource for homeopathic treatments], cough and cold meds, sore throat spray or drops [Fishermans Friend in a tin and drops], Vasoline…seals water from sore areas [feet, fingers, elbows, knees], anti-pain meds [buy a lot], PERSONAL girl stuff-things you can only think about, and for all ages of life.  We have tunnel vision as human beings.  We are growing daisies one day and facing a snow covered path the next.  Don’t get weary of well doing!  Press onward and Upward and don’t just prep for yourself but put a little away for someone else….and you WILL meet someone who really does need your help and God will use you 1 [or maybe you’ll be in need of something to barter.]  Have ideas? Send me your prepping medical supplies for the vehicle.  Love ya, Have a God Blessed DAY my friend!  

Last Week: Make a list of the cheap items you can “put up” for a rainy day. Sugar, salt, honey last forever. Spices, rice and beans are must haves! Catsup and mustard are nice. Onions, potatoes and garlic are easy to grow. Prepping for me is like getting ready for primitive camping. It can be fun but ya gotta have the right mind set. Survival

Pack a Bible in your must haves!  Should dark days come you will need some “soul” food.

contact me with comments or thoughts… day or nite I love questions

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