Beautiful, colorful and musical bird
Gold and blue Macaw parrot head shot.

Welcome to TMT!  In the book of Jeremiah chapter 17, verse 14 states “when I cry out (Heal Me! and I WILL BE HEALED; SAVE me! and I WILL BE SAVED)”. You can believe that God wants to heal you from inner pain.  He wants to soothe your heart. Did you know He has provided a lot of tools to battle the thought monsters. Gods promises are truth. God is Known for being Honest. So on this page we are going to open our creators toolbox, the one that has beautiful and marvelous ways He has provided for our healing.

Music as Therapy: Sound can be divided in to many categories such as annoying, soothing, mesmerizing, stimulating, and romantic yet sounds can be described as musical. Music heals a place that regular sound doesn’t touch. It touches your spirit, your soul. Even your “soul” is a genre.

Specifically music can either be energizing or relaxing. “Dance to the Music” by Sly and the Family Stone makes you wanna boggie. There is music that makes you sombre, or patriotic. You can’t have a party without music or ride an elevator without canned Muzak.

“The Hills are Alive with the sound of Music”…iconic movie The Sound of Music. Very insightful. God the “inventor of music”, says the hills, mountains, stars will PRAISE Him. A Hillsong lyric says “if a 100 billion stars will Praise Him, so Will I”.

An aside our heart beats in a rhythmic message: you’re alive, you’re alive, you’re alive. Our physical heart beats with the music, speeds up, slows down. Wow, what power music has.

There are volumes yet to be written in songs and lyrics, because like God music is Eternal. We are wired for sound from the inside out. God is long suffering, meaning He is patient with you. He sees your rebellion and gives you Music to draw you back home to His heart. God is not a dull dude, He is Majestic AND Fun. I can’t believe anyone can enter a concert and not see the Power of Music, All orchestrated by His supernatural cords, notes, flats, beats and rhythms.

He says in Psalms 23, lie down in the green grass listen to the stillness, the music of Heaven. Enjoy!