Are you bing EATEN Alive!
Food Prices Soar

Marching into spring! If you haven’t noticed there are a couple of problems going on around us…so while YouTube is still free and there are book stores and public Libraries, get busy and study, eh?

So many things to do that really make life fun. There are three hurdles to conquer: 1. The Fear of failure 2. Lack of motivation 3. The Learning curve!

You will find JOY seeing the growth. Pride in your accomplishment. Reward in eating the fruit. I don’t know your growing season, but mine sucks. We might have 1 week no frost some years. I lost 18 potato plants and 10 fully developed tomato plants before I learned about greenhouse growing. The point is if you can grow potatoes and herbs in the cascade mountains, you can grow anywhere. So get GROWING…and remember to ask Gods blessing and Thank Him for the food because in 2023 and beyond food is no guarantee.

“Control the Food, Control the Population”