Co-founders of Magnetic Women, David and Mary Crockett are invested and devoted to God.  MW has come about thru our desire to share faith, hope, compassion and answers. We believe He has a purpose and a plan for every person.  We believe God loves each of us as if we were the only one.  We believe the cruelty of others can be overcome.  There have been so many who were robbed by caretakers (including parents) of the ability to trust anyone, including their creator.  We believe this is a travesty.  The goal of MW is to help bring healing and knowledge to these individuals.

David, aka Davy Crockett was born in the great state of Washington.  His military background spanned 20 years.  At Ft Benjamin Harrison (Indianapolis) David was an instructor.    Among a host of other things, he is educated in photography, television, and technology.  He received a bachelor’s degree from East TN State University. David’s strong love for God and his ability to lead make him perfectly qualified to advance this calling.  God’s intervention took two messy people and made a miracle; A miracle of love and Grace.

Same coin, opposite side:

Mary Crockett has been defined by two major events that took place at the age of 5.

Salvation and molestation, freedom vs. destruction, both of these events have had lifelong ramifications. She has sought by education and knowledge, to understand the power of these two events.

Her academic credentials include Bible Studies at Indiana Bible College and a BS degree in Psychology and Art at East TN State University.  The 34 years of intense counseling have added to her abilities to understand the dynamics of the body, mind and soul connection.  This quest for wisdom and healing have brought her to the place of sharing her knowledge on the subject of a woman’s unique and immeasurable value.

We commit to strive to unmask the limitless value and unique gifts of women. Come learn with us as we explore your eternal worth in the site of our creator….designer.