Melody Therapy

“Speaking to one another with Psalms, Hymns, and Songs from the Spirit. SING and Make Melody with your Heart to the Lord” Eph 5:19

They call it worship music. It is an atmosphere of Praise. It is an attitude of gratitude. It can transport your soul.

Frankly I planned an entirely different story about “Music Therapy”, which is a 4.5 Billion dollar industry in The United States, by the way. It has proven to be amazing in healing abilities. Helping to restore cognitive abilities and mental acuity. The problem is to see a “licensed music Therapist” it’ll cost you a pretty penny, and most insurance companies won’t pay. So like usual we must turn to our designer, Creator for advanced Music Therapy.

Our auditory system is extremely complex. Components include: Ears for receiving, Brain for translation, Neurotransmitters to transmit information to nerves, Vagus nerve to incorporate translated sound waves into emotion, feeling and thought. This all happens rapidly with the body producing chemicals like serotonin, dopamine, and adrenaline immediately. In nano-seconds your body and mind respond to sound and music. Music defined clinically: A collection of sounds that are harmonized and organized in times or beats. The beat causes the soul, the heart to respond. We are born making cooing, types of tones that communicate pleasure. Babies love to beat out rhythms on pots and pans! So we can conclude that we are made to make melody. Innately by design, we have been hard wired to music. Both to enjoy and create.

The healing power of musical sounds cannot be over stated. The medical field is just starting to wake up to its power. It is used in speech therapy, psychotherapy, memorization, ambiance of atmosphere and energizing recuperation such as sports therapy.

Not being a music scholar, my knowledge is limited. Western music usually consist of 7 notes and repeat at the octave. There is rap, jazz, symphony, dance, gospel, spiritual, opera, rock, classic rock, country, So without getting boringly scientific, the sound of music is phenomenal. Limitless tunes and multiple genres across a myriad of cultures. Simply amazing that music is such a beautiful gift!

There are 2 of types of music therapy, and several sub categories. Playing or producing music and the other being listening to music.

Because music is so powerful, listening to a song can uplift your spirit. If you know the song or melody you sing along. Listing to a song can take you back in time, bring emotions to the surface, make you happy, sad, calm or excited.

Music is a Physical AND Spiritual exercise!

playing an instrument is cathartic. You become one with the instrument communicating with some non-verbal part of your being. God desires

Genesis 31:27 (CSB)
“Why did you secretly flee from me, deceive me, and not tell me? I would have sent you away with joy and singing, with tambourines and lyres,


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