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Got, Got, Got No Time

Let’s say you wake up one day and realize your days are numbered. You are one of 8 billion individuals all programed for an appointed amount of time to live and breathe on this planet. That is a fact of … Read More

Meditate on Suicide

If you don’t know what Im talking about get on your knees and thank GOD in heaven. Murder is horrific, rage is bad but suicidal thoughts are utterly debilitating. How do you learn to hate yourself so bad all you … Read More

Your Best Feature is Invisible

What’s the one tiny asset you can’t LIVE without, literally. Hint: only 10 oz in the average adult female. This tiny piece of flesh has everything to do with your existence. Moment by moment you trust that this invisible muscle … Read More


They say “Be true to Yourself”.  Okay, what does that mean?  Be true to what you’ve been taught or experienced?  How can that be right?  It is human nature to put ourself first! Being true to ourself comes naturally.  Building … Read More