Your Best Feature is Invisible

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What’s the one tiny asset you can’t LIVE without, literally. Hint: only 10 oz in the average adult female. This tiny piece of flesh has everything to do with your existence. Moment by moment you trust that this invisible muscle will sustain you. You can’t apply make-up to make pretty, no cosmetic surgeries will work. It does not care what your birth race, gender, or what geographical continent you were born on, what religion your parents are. None of this matters to your heart. The average heart varies by 40 grams. It controls your DESTINY. In all humans,GREAT AND SMALL, they work the same, OXYGENATING  the blood. So all humanity depends on an invisible PUMP. But where is the Faith in THAT? I’m being sarcastic.

We can’t take time to pray to an invisible God, who allows that pump to run like a perpetual motion machine for decades. Get this, all you have to do is feed it daily GOOD tasting, delicious foods and water and Voila! That Heart is happy! What a design, oh wait, I can’t say that, Really? That pump isn’t a design? Ask an engineer? Can there be a design without a designer? I digress.

So this pump takes “invisible” air and mysteriously converts it, via this “invisible” pump, in to something that you cannot live without for more than 3 minutes. It does not need tubing, or electrical currents, they have been generously provided by the Invisible God.

While you spend your time worrying about how Big your assets are getting, why not stop and Glorify your Father in Heaven, who created you uniquely from over 400,000,000 sperm options and 200,000,000 ova.

The “chance” that you would be YOU is 6e16 (6×16 zeros). You are a rare jewel in your creators sight. That’s is why He maintains your heart. It beats 75 times per minute on average, but you don’t notice. YOU don’t have to! It’s automatic. So the LOVE of God maintains your heart (❤️) and you can’t give Him the time of day?

Do you know what He wants in return? To be loved unconditionally. Without question, or doubt. With enthusiasm. With gifts of time and attention. Why are we so one sided? Take, take and more take. We are glutinous. We are HUGE with hypocrisy. We have fallen asleep at the wheel with our comforts.

So the greatest LOVE Story ever TOLD is about the heart of mankind. Our hearts have grown weary of truth and fed instead on lies. The self-serving, heartless relationships never survive. The one sided….only I matter relationships. Yes, God is Holy and Righteous. There is a cavern between Gods nature and ours. You don’t want a lying, thieving, unjust Deity, because the evil one is not TRUTH, did NOT create you and does NOT Love you. But Abba, Father says Run to me, I’m Running to you. My arms are OPEN wide. “I will HOLD you thru eternity, my Only son has paid the debt”, come to the waters, buy and eat, without money, without price. Your hearts debts are paid for, accept freedom, forgiveness and Relationship with God. Often quoted: John 3:16″ For God so Loved the world of People, That He gave….HIS ONE AND ONLY SON…that whoever BELIEVES in HIM will have EVERLASTING LIFE, and will never perish.”

“For with the heart ❤️ one believes and is justified, and with the mouth one confesses and is saved.” Romans 10:10

Father God does love you and wants a relationship. It is not coincidental that your heart IS your most important asset; it is YOUR point of Contact with God.

So let’s s do a quick update. We all BELIEVE in air? Check. We BELIEVE that we have a non-visible “heart” (during life). Check. THAT HEART MUST HAVE AIR. We can feel it working, so we accept it as fact. We hear the air, but we cannot see it. We BELIEVE that food and water mysteriously keeps our heart beating. Check. We believe that all our organs, systems and functions came from an almost invisible egg and sperm. How much faith do you need to Believe the reality of LIFE? We did not make ourselves. We are all witnesses of creation. Ergo, witnesses of a CREATOR.

Your beauty will fade. Your heart will stop. You will return to dust. Now is the time to think about your next breath of air, no guarantees of the next one. Choose Christ, Choose Life.



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